History & Purpose

The color red, found on the red ribbon worn around the lapel of people around the world, is commonly accepted as the international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness. The Sacramento Red Dress Party uses that symbol to build on a party concept popularized with sell out events attended by thousands annually in Portland and Seattle over the last decade to raise awareness and funds to support organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and support services.

The required wearing of a red dress by all guests at this event, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, servers as a powerful symbol of solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS.  It also reminds us that we are all brought together for one night to support the building of a healthier community on the road to being free of HIV, free of stigma, and improve the daily lives of the most vulnerable.

We aim to increase the number of young people being tested regularly, provide the opportunity for education, encourage playing safe, provide access to the peer and professional level support  those who are affected need to get into care and stay healthy. We strive to increase safe sex practices, reduce suicide attempts, provide a safe, welcoming, and knowledge rich environment to access health and wellness resources for program participants.

The Event

The Sacramento Red Dress Party, now in its second year, was designed as an annual community tradition that debuted in Sacramento in October 2012.  It attracted more than 350 community members as diverse as Sacramento itself. This event creates an atmosphere of pure fun–with dancing and music, spirits and laughs–that provides a backdrop for the true purpose of the Red Dress Party.  The event provides a chance for supporters from every walk of life to unite behind one goal to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic, reduce stigma, and raising awareness.   With every single attendee adorned in a signature-colored red dress at the Sacramento Red Dress Party, the power of our collective statement of positive change is unmistakable.

“Red Dress Required, Attitude Optional”

Everyone who participates in the event is required to wear a red dress from the bartenders and go-go girls to volunteers and guests.  While it may seem scary at first–ask around–it’s a ton of fun to see everyone united  by a common cause in a sea of red.

The 2012 Party featured two amazing international guest DJs–DJ Grind and DJ Lee Decker–residents of San Francisco.  Their sound tore up the dance floor for hours as people got down to the hottest hits.   Performances by 4 local drag queens lit the stage with pizzaz and our aerialist Ben Mendoza spun the minds of guests as he suspended himself and did acrobatics in mid-air.

This year’s Sacramento Red Dress Party will not disappoint, again featuring guest DJs never before seen in Sacramento, live performances, live character crowd performers, go-go boys/girls, and much more throughout the evening.


A dedicated team of volunteer community members and the Sacramento LGBT Community Center organize the Red Dress Party. This year’s team includes the following:

Event Team

David Heitstuman
Josh Klein
Spencer Tschida
Donny Vasquez
Jonathan Cameron
Ronnie Scharffer
Glenda Corcoran

Interested in joining the team, email us at RedDressParty@saccenter.org


For sponsorship inquiries contact:           RedDressParty@saccenter.org


For media inquiries or access to the event please contact:  RedDressParty@saccenter.org

Contact Us

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