What to Wear

It’s not the style, shade, or price of the dress that makes your Red Dress evening AMAZING, but the fun you have in it. This is NOT a drag party, you can come in full drag if you want, but you don’t HAVE to wear pumps or pearls, nails or nylons, you don’t even have to have your hair did – you just have to wear a RED DRESS. Any shape, any size, any color – as long as it’s RED, will get you in the door.   Check out the following suggestions from Red Dress Party Guests to help you find the perfect red dress.  If you found a new source–post your find and tips you have for others to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SacramentoRedDressParty


While there are many places from online shopping portals and second hand stores to local boutiques and big box stores we’d like to direct your attention to some of our local retail promotional partners.  Stop in and look for a dress at one of the following shops and they’ll give you a promotional code for $10 off your Red Dress Party tickets


Cheap Thrills

Denim Spot

Felicia Strati

Woodard-Ficetti Cleaners

Freestyle Clothing Exchange



Heart Boutique

House of Fashion

Ladybuggz Boutique

Legacy Boutique


Midikat Boutique


Racks Boutique

Relles Florist

Sugar Shack Boutique

The Cotton Club

Thrift Town

Trumpette, Inc.

Twigs Floral Design Gallery

Exhibit S

Westfield Galleria at Roseville

“Fashionable soirees for a good cause = I’m THERE in a fashion heartbeat! I have been toying with what kind of look I want to do for the event, and had my fashion A HA moment at Thrift Town recently.  I mean $4 for a dress?! That’s some amazing shopping at Thrift Town and I definitely felt the thrifting magic happening that day.”

       –Pohebe, The Dress Fiend